The owners

Anton Ejov was born in Moscow, Russia, in the summer of 1982. Anton did not follow his family, as they journeyed to Latin America, remaining in Russia with his grandmother. When 1994 came around the entire family boarded a flight to South East Asia, Myanmar, for the purpose of his father's job. Arriving at their destination, Anton started to attend International School of Yangon. The summer of 2000 came upon them, that year they moved to Copenhagen, Denmark. Here, Anton graduated from the Copenhagen International School. Ever heard of a country called Canada??? Fortunately, for the Ejov family they set forth into Ottawa. The University of Ottawa was the one Anton attended and successfully completing his studies with an Honours in International Development and Globalization Degree in 2008.

Marina Ejov was born in Moscow, USSR in fall of 1961. She spend the next years living and studying in the Soviet Union. As a result of her husband's work in 1989, she departed Russia for French Guyana. Marina has dwelled in Central and South East Asia, Latin America and Europe. Where has she not been??? 2002 was a blowout year, Marina along with her family made a voyage to Ottawa, Canada. Now proud citizens! Marina's husband, Mikhail Ejov remains in Copenhagen, Denmark, as that is where the European Regional Office for the World Health Organization is stationed. 

Since April 2009, Anton and Marina have been in possession of and working at Piccolo Grande, proudly representing Italian gelato in the Capital of Canada. 

Chef's Corner

At Piccolo Grande we have always prided ourselves in never saying no to a flavour request. Over the years we have made gelato flavours such as, Black Pepper, Buttermilk, Calvados, Green Tea and Thyme, Honey and Basil, Lavender, Passion Fruit and Ginger, Pernod and Ginger, Pink Pepper Corn,Roasted Red Pepper, Sour Cream, Tequila, and Vodka.


Some of the interesting sorbets that we have created in the past include, Ice Wine, Gin and Tonic, Honey and Rosemary, Pomegranate and Bourbon, and Tomato.

During the Christmas holidays, as you may already know, one of our most popular special orders is Champagne sorbet which contains 2-750 ml bottles of Champagne. It barely stays frozen, but it’s a great pallet cleanser.

We are always ready to take on new challenges and recipes. The possibilities are endless. Let gelato be your fantasy.

Gelato Cart

If you're having a special occasion and need that perfect added touch you should consider renting our portable gelato cart. A cart rental costs $695 plus taxes, 50% deposit, 50% upon delivery.

Here's what you get : enough gelato, sherbet and/or sorbet for at least 200 people (100 if they're really hungry!), 6 flavours, 30 Litres gelato, sherbet, and/or sorbet. Additional 5 Litre bins of gelato, sherbet, and/or sorbet @ $13.95/Litre. One happy go lucky server for 2 hours ($50/each additional hour). Cones, cups, spoons, napkins.